Director’s Blog – Dec 2017

Director’s Blog – Dec 2017

Wow!  November seemed to fly by and we have been catapulted into the Christmas season!  Actually, the stores have tried to convince us the season started in October!  That brings me to my thought to ponder this month…

What would Christmas look like for your family if you had very little money to spend on presents?  What would you do to make it meaningful and memorable aside from mountains of gifts?

I would like to encourage your family to spend the majority of your Christmas energy on things that money can’t buy…decorate cookies together as a family, put the cell phones away, turn off the TV and read Christmas stories or make handmade Christmas cards for people you love….do these things with your children-

Rather than spend all your time getting ready for Christmas only to have it come and go without celebrating the true essence of what Christmas is all about, spend more time thinking about how to savor it and draw it deep into you and your children’s heart and spirit.

As I have said before, children may not remember the things you bought for them, but they will remember the way you make them feel…the quality, engaged time you spend with them!

Many blessings to you and yours!

Teresa Brophy

Director, Prince of Peace School

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