Director’s Blog – Dec 2018

Director’s Blog – Dec 2018

Children will love your presence more than your presents…

Most of us remember feelings more than things.  Things are loved for a brief moment, then are broken, lost, fought over or outgrown and eventually… become annoying clutter.

In a short time from now, your children will probably not remember what you bought them for Christmas this year.  They will, however, remember the way that you made them feel this Christmas.

Memories, good or bad, become part of who we are for life…

What are some ways you can give more gifts of love, hope, joy and peace this season to those you love?

Here are 2 suggestions:

  • Make handmade Christmas cards as a family (even Dad gets in on the fun!)
  • Make it a family outing to mail them the old fashioned way with a side trip to get a  Christmas treat somewhere fun!

Gather as a family and write affirming statements to each member of the family on paper stars that are hung on the tree. Kids can dictate theirs.  On Christmas Eve or morning, take down a star and read the affirmation before opening a present.

Jesus, the best gift ever, came to be a constant presence in our hearts!

May you have a Jesus filled, heart- warming Christmas!

Teresa Brophy

Director, Prince of Peace School

   503-645-1211School Office