Director’s Blog – Nov 2017

Director’s Blog – Nov 2017

Happy Harvest to all!

I love November at preschool!  Learning about the Native Americans and Pilgrims has always been intriguing to me.  They had such courage and determination!  It’s remarkable to think of how hard they worked to survive, including the children!  Although our children may not be gathering firewood or plucking chickens, they do work hard at being children!

We all know that children like to play, but what you may not know, is the importance of play in a child’s life.

Unplugged, unstructured, free play is a child’s work and numerous studies have shown that it is essential to every area of a child’s growth and development.   In these days of demands and responsibilities, it is increasingly important for children to be allowed to JUST PLAY!  Adults sometimes trivialize play, forgetting that it inspires both imagination and creativity!

At Prince of Peace School, our teachers understand children’s developmental needs, so time is given every day for children to “just” play.  There is nothing to bring home to show how hard they worked at playing, but a happy, balanced child is better than something to hang on the refrigerator!

I encourage you to be very thankful for every happy, healthy, playful moment your child has!

Teresa Brophy

Director, Prince of Peace School

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