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Parent Reviews

``Our family has been so blessed by Prince of Peace teachers and staff. We've loved seeing our children's personalities and their love of learning nurtured by their teachers. From the warm welcoming environment, to the loving instruction from all the teachers, we have felt encouraged and supported as parents. Our oldest daughter attended for 3's, 4's preschool and kindergarten and was fully prepared to transfer to public school in 1st grade. The one-on-one reading with Mrs. Anitha is invaluable, as is the small class size and individual attention it allows. Our youngest has attended for 3's and 4's preschool and will attend kindergarten in the fall and we are excited to watch her confidence and capabilities grow! We wholeheartedly recommend Prince of Peace to every family we know.`` - Taylor K.
“Just the best! My daughter loves her teacher and the class. I just have to say “thanks” for making every day a special, happy and fun experience for my little girl!” – Mariana
“My son has loved this school and my daughter is already excited to go to preschool her next year. We are so happy that we chose Prince of Peace! They really care for and love the children and my son has learned so much.” – Heather Young
“My preschooler is now a 16 year old junior. Thanks, Mrs. Lydon for a great start!” -Michelle Brooks Albright
“Mrs. Manning is so thoughtful and caring to each of her students. She always recognizes when a student might need extra help and is always encouraging and engaging them. She takes a genuine interest in listening to their stories ( in my case, my son’s football) and following up on them!” -Anne Dickinson
“We love Prince of Peace! Both of our girls went there since age 3 through Kindergarten. The teachers genuinely care about the kids and spend extra time with them. When our older child went to 1st grade to a public school, she was already reading at 2nd grade level and doing more advanced math. I love that they have lots of art and Spanish, as well as the Bible stories. Also, that they class sizes are small giving that one on one attention to each child.” - Courtney G.
“By far the best preschool in the area! My first son left the school reading and so ready for Kindergarten! I am so thankful for the teachers and staff.” - Rachel W.
``This is the second year our youngest has attended Prince of Peace pre-school and kindergarten. He attends full day kindergarten and we are excited about the quality of education he receives. Teacher/student ratio in his class is 13:1; most other classes are similar size. Every day he receives one on one reading instruction by a reading specialist. By the third week of school he was beginning to read on his own; by Christmas he was reading age appropriate books. He also gets instruction in music, theatre, art and Spanish. His teachers have been creative, compassionate, and organized. From the moment he arrives he is placed in situations that are instructional. His teacher Ms. Caponette (this year) and Ms. Niles (last year) have proved to be exceptional teachers who have provided him with a solid foundation in reading, writing, math, and ethical behavior. I believe that he will be more ready than most of his public school peers for public school first grade by the end of the year. I can't think of a better place for a kindergartener to learn.`` - William H.
“I can’t recommend Prince of Peace School enough! What a wonderful experience our family has had through the years with this school. Not one, but two generations of our family have attended Prince of Peace. Not only did Prince of Peace help give my children a solid foundation of skills for learning, but they also taught them God’s Word which was very comforting as a parent.” – Angelica Grageda De Leon-Klein
“Excellent school for building a love of learning and a solid social, spiritual and emotional foundation that echoes what we teach at home. Our girls were loved and supported on every level, and the teachers and staff welcomed us daily with open arms. Truly a wonderful start to the world of education!” – Kathy Roso Alvarado
“I highly recommend Prince of Peace. Our daughter’s experience for Pre-K & K have been incredible! I’ve been extremely impressed with the class culture that the teachers cultivate, the incredible reading program, and the amount of fun the kids have together. Most importantly, I love my daughter’s desire to learn God’s word because of how fun they make learning. I’m so grateful for POPS continuing to develop a strong foundation rooted in God’s word with all the kids.” – Monica Hall
“My five year old son is flourishing at POP! He is learning to read in Kindergarten and is doing simple math, author studies, physics and learning Bible stories! His teacher is wonderful and each day he has a story to tell about what they did in class or on the playground. I cannot recommend this school enough!” – Mary H.
“We moved to Portland last year and were recommended to look into POP…we are forever grateful for AMAZING journey and our daughter was given a precious gift of LOVE for reading! Thank you so much to the incredible staff and one on one reading program!! We will continue to tell so many others about Prince of Peace…..THANK YOU is not enough!” – Sherri Ward O’Hanrahan
“Amazing school! Fabulous teachers. Caring staff. Fun environment. Our family has been so blessed by this school!” – Jay Fordice
“Mommy, can I come here again?” is the first thing my daughter asks me every time she exits her classroom. The teachers at Prince of Peace are exactly what I had hope for at the preschool level: caring, loving and kind! I have recommended Prince of Peace School to countless parents!” – Stephanie
“I had driven by Prince of Peace school many times and wondered about it! Now that I have had two of my children attend, I am so glad I made the decision to pull in and check it out! I recommend it to all my friends and feel that God led me to POP! It has been a huge blessing to my family! We are especially excited to attend the famous Kindergarten program! ” – Margo W.
“Prince of Peace School has taught my daughter so much about love and consideration of others! We have noticed a change in her when she plays with her siblings…so much kinder and more thoughtful! Thanks to Mrs. Niles for her sweet disposition and modeling of kindness!” - Mary Beth G.
“The other day the director of the school asked me if my expectations for our daughter for kindergarten had been met. I immediately answered that our experience has far exceeded any expectations or hopes we had for our daughter’s Kindergarten experience. As a parent you want your child to feel safe, accepted, loved, and seen. Ms. Lyons has done an amazing job of that.
I love that there is always someone to welcome us each morning with a smile. That’s a great way to start off your day. I love that in no time so many other teachers even knew Sofia’s name and she was eager to greet them.
I love the family atmosphere. I love that they aim to foster a true community for the parents. I love I love that we can get our daughter settled in in the morning and not feel like we are an inconvenience. I love that parents are welcome to participate at chapel with their children.
I love the emphasis on pointing children to God in all they do. We have worked on teaching our daughter Bible stories from day one, and of course she hears them at church. But I love that she gets to hear it at school as well. Like when learning about the body, reminding them that God made them special.
I am so impressed with how much our daughter has learned so far this year. When she started, she couldn’t recognize the letters of the alphabet and definitely didn’t know the sounds. Within one month of school she had learned all the letters upper case and lower case and the sounds. She comes home each day excited to tell us all the amazing things she has learned. They learn so much, and yet Ms. Lyons does an amazing job at making it fun and keeping them interested. It’s a great sign when your child consistently asks to stay full day, because she is having so much fun and learning.
We have loved, loved, loved Ms. Lyons. One of my daughter’s friends says that Ms. Lyons is firm but kind. I think that’s a great fit for a Kindergarten teacher. She has gone out of her way to make sure our daughter has stayed safe with her food allergies, and she has gone out of her way to show kindness to our family. We are so thankful for Ms. Lyons!
I was so nervous about sending our daughter to Kindergarten. I prayed and prayed and prayed for the right fit for her. Through a series of no doubt God ordained events we found ourselves enrolling our daughter at Prince of Peace. I am so thankful for this special year or learning and growing for her. ” - Parent K